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Achieve your desired goals and outcomes
I’m a certified life coach, NLP master and Reiki practitioner. Here to help you transform and embrace your life with greater confidence and self-belief.
As your life coach I will help you achieve your desired goals and outcomes in a way that brings greater fulfilment and clarity. My approach is intuitive but rooted in professional practice, purposeful yet also caring.
Life can sometimes feel like a struggle with too many challenges to overcome but your not alone. Whether you are facing obstacles in your career, health, relationships or life purpose I can help you find the confidence to feel more optimistic and resilient in achieving your dreams.
You have the resources within you to overcome the obstacles you may be facing whether internally, externally or both, all you need is a little help and guidance to truly tap into them.
By offering a holistic approach and combining NLP, life coaching and energy healing I find this is the most effective way to help change limiting beliefs, unblock potential and help you towards a life that feels more balanced and joyful.

We Can Work Together

We’ll work together to build you with the confidence to make life choices that feel right for you.

Consultations are free and I look forward to talking to you about what you are looking to achieve and how I can help you.

You can book your free consultations below.

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Life and

Feel more balanced and connected. Improve your well-being.

and BUsiness

Consider your options, develop your strengths and make the change.

and Fulfilment

Know, love, cherish and express yourself.

Style and

Be yourself and discover the shapes, styles & colours that look great on you.


My training is certified and approved by the following boards of accreditation. I offer a fully insured practice and follow professional and ethical guidelines to ensure best practice and to provide a trusting, secure and safe place for my clients.

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